PennState University (The McCourtney Institute for Democracy)



The McCourtney Institute for Democracy at Penn State University’s podcast, Democracy Works, needed a branding refresh and new website design; they wanted to take their podcast to the next level. The previous brand lacked its own identity and any connection to the University. The website did not have a sense of hierarchy or modernization.

Locality Studio designed a new brand and logo that would make Democracy Works stand out against other podcast, while communicating its connection to Penn State. The new website focuses on simplicity and user-friendliness.

Locality Studio also designed a new brand, logo, and website design for the Institute’s new podcast network, The Democracy Group. We designed the brand to be versatile; it can be applied to the various podcast brands and materials for the network. The site is efficient and robust, hosting multiple podcasts, many pages, and various playlists.

View the websites here and here.


— Brand Design

— Graphic Design

— Website Design and Development


Katie McLaughlin

Jess Skorich

Please note, much of the Democracy Group website design has been updated in recent months by another designer. Locality Studio did build the initial site, integrating all of the podcasts through episodes and playlists, plus design. Locality Studio’s brand still exists in the site.

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